Teaching Experience

I've taught various courses for the Management Information Systems program in the School of Business at the University of Houston Clear Lake. I've worked to develop new courses and improve existing courses under the leadership of full time professors.

  • Information Systems for Management

    ISAM 3303 (ISAM 3033 prior to Fall 2014)

    This course covers a wide range of information systems topics including management of information systems, security and privacy issues, ethics, and using information systems for competitive advantage. Another component of the course includes development of spreadsheet and database applications for reporting, problem solving, decision making and the management of business operations.

  • Advanced Business Internet Applications Development

    ISAM 4332

    This course will prepare students for the Microsoft Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. Students will be expected to complete this exam by the end of the semester. By passing this exam, students will be awarded credit towards the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Web Applications certification and will strengthen their qualifications for a position as a web developer or web administrator.

  • Oracle Database Administration

    ISAM 5633

    This course introduces students to Oracle Database Administration. The topics covered include the architecture of an Oracle database, installing the Oracle database management system, creating a database, creating and managing database users and roles, database backup and recovery, database performance tuning and database administration, database security, and more. Includes numerous hands-on lab assignments and exposure to virtual machine technology.

  • Fundamentals of Database Design and Development

    ISAM 5331 / ACCT 5333

    This course covers the theory and principles underlying the design, development, and maintenance of an effective and efficient database to support the operations, decision-making and management in an organization. The hands-on component of the course applies the theory and principles studied in the course using the Oracle database management system. Furthermore, this course lays the foundation for the ISAM 5632: Advanced Database Applications Development course. Specifically, the students in the course are expected to achieve clear understanding and application of the database concepts, tools and techniques including the following:

    • Database Models and their Applications
    • Database Design & Development Methodology
    • Entity-Relationship Modeling
    • Database Normalization Methodology
    • Management of Concurrent Transactions
    • Fundamental Database Administration Concepts
    • Application of Structured Query Language (SQL)
    • Creating and Maintaining Database Objects
    • Entering and Maintaining Data in a Database
    • Manipulating and Retrieving Information from a Database

Academic Information Systems

I have over seven years of experience in designing, developing, and maintaining various academia information systems. Many of these systems are customized business systems, systems intigration projects, and accreditation systems. The following is a small summary of applications and systems I've worked on.

  • Online Provisioning & Approvals for Learning Systems

    A web based system that allows for faculty members to request course shells in a learning management system (LMS) such as Blackboard. The system also includes an automated dynamic approval system for course requests, a quality assurance review system for fully online courses, and allows faculty to provision their scheduled classes to shells in the desired Learning Management System.

  • Assessment Information Management System

    The Assessment Information Management system is an online database designed to help faculty and staff record their assessment plans to document our efforts to evaluating desired outcomes for continuous improvement.

  • Credit Card Module System

    A modular payment system designed to interface with payment gateways and customized business applications in accordance with PCI specifications. The system generates and securely uploads financial reports which are then imported into a PeopleSoft module for financial processing.

  • Active Directory & Exchange Managment System

    A customized system that integrates PeopleSoft user information with Active Directory accounts and Exchange mailboxes. Developed an ASP.NET web application that provides an interface that allows privileged users to search for, create, update, rename, and delete Active Directory accounts. Integrates with Exchange to create and manage mailboxes through remote PowerShell commands as required. Information is also syncrhonized with a customized database system.

  • Oracle Database Access Control Layer

    A customized implementation of Microsoft's Role and Membership Providers for an Oracle 10g database with support for additional fine grained security flags/operations. An additional application layer was added on top of the system, so one repository can be used to manage multiple applications.