Picture of Richard Meyer

My name is Richard Meyer. I am a proud alumni, staff, and adjunct faculty member of the University of Houston-Clear Lake, where I earned my Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems. I have developed this website as a promotional tool with the purpose of reaching out to friends, classmates, colleagues, and industry professionals.

Professional Life

I do my best to maintain a productive and respectable work ethic. I consider myself a moral employee, as I give credit where credit is due and do my best to leave ego and politics out of the projects I maintain. Constructive criticism is something I've learned to handle very well, both in and out of the workplace.

Working in academia has allowed me to greatly diversify my skillset and knowledge base over the years. I've had the privilege of working on information systems for financial and accounting services, account management, customer support, information processing, surveys, shopping carts, and many more. This exposure combined with my business education has allowed me to readily adapt to a client's need so that I can design and deliver reliable and functional solutions.

Academic Life

My academic lifestyle is that of a highly dedicated student. I focus as hard on my academic studies as I would my job, and in many ways I treat them as one in the same. Along with my studies, I have networked with many of my peers while working on group projects and through various student organizations such as Beta Alpha Psi and the Management Information Systems Organization.

At this time I have completed my current academic goals as a student, although I do have ambitions to pursue a doctorate in business and/or management information systems. In the meantime, I enjoy the experience of teaching part-time as an adjunct professor. I've found the combination of my work experience and technical knowledge allows me to bring a lot of relevant examples to the classroom.